Kharma Midi Ceremique or Wilson Maxx2

i have been thinking to upgrade my speaker from Watt Puppy 7 to Kharma Midi ceremique or wilson Maxx2. I heard Kharma is much more musical speaker than Wilson, yet Wilson does all the other great things, such as big sound, dynamics and soundstage. since I m in small town in TX. I don't have experience with Kharma. I would like to hear some opinion from you guys.

Look at the Von Schweikert VR7. They have greater dynamics and depth of bass (15hz flat) than the Wilson MAXX 2's and a cleaner more musical sound than the Kharma's. They are also a bit less expensive than both.

I was a long time Wilson ower, Kharma owner / dealer and have found Von Shweikert's to do everything incredibly well. What I mean is the Wilson's do dynamics and slam real well, but are very tough to get excellent musicality with. The Kharma's have nice imaging, clarity and musicality, but do not do depth or dynamics well.
Hello Blueguitar,

I heard both and neither would be my pick in that price range but of the two I would take the Kharma.

Have you listened to the Eidolon Diamonds with good tube amplification yet? I hope you find the right speaker for you.

Good luck
which amplifier ,do you have?
thanks for reply. I am using the Lamm M1.1 hybrid amp.
Jtinn ... you mentioned you were a Kharma dealer ... are you a Von Shweikert dealer as well?
The Maxx2 is a very musically involving loudspeaker that requires carefull attention to setup (as every high end loudspeaker does) because of its accuracy and revealing nature, mistakes or sloppy setup will be obvious. If you are serious about your music and spend the time getting your setup right there are very few loudspeakers that will match the Maxx 2.

I have just come back from a Hi-Fi show in Sydney Australia where the Maxx2 was on demo in one room with the Gryphon Poseidon's in another. The crowd voted with their feet, the average punter spent alot more time enjoying music in the Wilson room than the 4 times as expensive Poseidon's.

Find a good dealer who is prepared to spend the time and use your ears.
Maxx 2s. Simple, you own the 7s. If you like the you will love the 2s. The amount of system matching will be very little in your transition. I love my 7s. You also won't really have anywhere to go from the 2s. The treble will be your big issue. Do you like the 7s treble? I do & feel a diamond or other ceramic is only different not necessarily better. For that measure Wilson's are all about setup. Good luck in whatever you choose, you can't go wrong.
Dear Blueguitar111: I think that there are many alternatives for an upgrade and I think that one of those alternatives is to integrate a pair of subwoofers to your audio system.

Take a look:

This is an interesting Audiogon thread about.

At the moment that you or anybody integrate subs to their system your music/sound reproduction will have a huge improvement ( upgrade ) in the quality in all the frecuency spectrum.

My advise: try it.

Regards and enjoy the music.