Kharma grand ceramique mini 3.2.2 or Marten Bird

Hi, those who have heard it, I wonder what is your opinion of the new Kharma 3.2.2 aka Grand ceramique mini. Is it a worthwhile upgrade over the Kharma 3.2? If you have also heard the Marten Bird, can you share your opinions vis-a-vis the 3.2.2? They are similarly priced but the Marten comes with a diamond tweeter and has an extra ceramic bass driver. It seems the Marten offers better value. I would like to hear from folks who have heard both and can give a comparison.
I did hear the Marten Bird coupled with Bladeus CDP/power combo. I don't get impressed that easily, I have been in this hobby long enough to tell a good sound from great sound. The 30 min session I heard produced great sound, in fact one of the best sound I heard. A few weekends later, I heard the Avalon Isis and B&W 801D, both sounded great too. Guess there is really something special about diamond tweeter.

On the other hand, I have not heard too many ceramic tweeter speakers I like. In fact, the only one I can say I like based on a very brief listening session was Gryphon Atlantis. I am hoping to hear Lumen White Silverflame soon.

One speaker I highly recommend is Usher BE series, the midrange driver is truly special and produces one of the most detail, fast, and transparent midrange I have heard. Worth a listen if you are ready to spend this kind of cash.