Kharma equisite series (any experiences?)

I know they are really expensive but I am curious about these speakers. Any one own them or have experience?


The one I just looked at said it was 91db efficiency but recommended power was 250-500watts? Doesn’t make sense unless I’m missing something? 85k price tag. Shouldn’t it start at like 40 watts for the low end and be just fine for most applications if the efficiency is real? I’m sure they are kicksa.s though. 

Hi - I listened to the Midi recently & the Classic in the past. They are beautifully made and sound good.

What do you want to know?


In a (very subjective😉) nutshell, I find the Classique a notch above the KEF, Bowers & Wilkins, etc. of this world, more on th elevel of the Focal Utopias, top W-Benesch, FinkTeam, Wilson, etc.

The classique are capable of rendering a plausible mini reproduction of a symphony orchestra. The clarity is very good -- i.e. you don’t have to strain to hear low level detail that you know is there! -- and their mid-rage tonality is excellent as well. They project a big sound, and afaik they require big amplification to get going. Of course they disappear in the room, you see them but the sound seems to come from all over. Imaging, etc are very good as well.

The Midi were nice, not up to Classique level -- but probably better for smaller spaces.

Both look very refined and the build quality is excellent (my SO found them beautiful- as speakers go).

Note that despite the compact looks on the photos, in real life the Kharmas are BIG (I remember the Cs have a depth footprint of about 1m!)