kharma elegance db9 DB7

Greetings to all.

What do you think of the new Kharma speakers, in particular the series

Someone got to listen to?
Thank you all.
I own Kharma 1.0 Ceramique and love them very much,but due to what I see for resale value lately( or the lack of it ) in the USA marketplace,I would say it would not be a good investment...If you have noticed many sellers can't give them away..Asking 1/3 the Original cost..I could be wrong but it looks like Kharma is going the same way Virtual Dynamics did..Priced to high and can't sell anymore...Just my observation......As much as I love the Kharma sound,for the price I would look elsewhere.......

I recently bought the new Kharma Elegance DB7, upgrading from the CRM 3.2 (me too love the Kharma sound). I'm really enthusiast about them : they have
great bass, very very realistic, a "gentle" way in reproducing midrange and high frequencies and a even more wide and deep soundstage

They also are a little more hard to drive than the CRM 3.2 (or CRM 3.2.2) : in my opinion needs for a high current amplifier or a very very good pure CLASS A device..

Me too I made a listening session using my cd's with Vitus cd player and amps and realize that DB7 needs more power than Ceramique series. Nice sound, great detail, excellent controlled midbass butoverall it's not in the same league of Grand Ceramique or Exquisite series (both more expensive); I prefer the crisp midrange and resolution from Accuton midrange than the new mix double-woofer plus beryllium tweeters used by DB7. New line has better appearance (now fantastic shape and previously very good) but I suspect that DB7 & 9 are products made in the essay to satisfy the demands from Russian and Chinese market and they will not leave a great piece of history in the audio speakers world in Europe or USA (also due to retail prices that are very very expensive).
Hi Marco, I agree about the high price (but I wouldn't say that the former Ceramique series CRM 3.2.2 or 3.2 were cheap ..) but probably the comparison with the previous Ceramique "entry level" models it's all about taste, while the comparison with the Exquisite series could be a easy challenge to win for the latest ones .

I also got a Vitus CD and , in my set-up, compared with previous CRM 3.2 (that I owned) or CRM 3.2.2 (which I often listened to), I prefer this ones , because IMHO they maintains the speed of the previous one (which I liked) while adding more "kindness" in high frequencies and having a thicker and more controlled bass (as you noticed).

All the best
Yeah, I eventually sold my 3.2s because the highs were just too piercing, but I loved their transparency and the the tonality of rest of the spectrum. They were best on classical where the highs sounded fine, but on popular music the highs were just too unforgiving and searing.
I kind of miss them a lot, though.
I've heard Kharma speakers on several occasions now, and every time I hear them, I am still astounded at how good they sound from top-to-bottom. I never thought they were piercing in any way, and thought rather that they sounded very smooth. In comparison with other speakers in the same price range (Rockports, Von Schweikerts, Hansen), the Kharmas produce a coherent sound that appeals to many people who are lucky enough to own them.

Yes, they are expensive, and the way Kharma abandoned the US market after the marginal success of the Ceramique line is certainly not comforting. That said, the company is making a strong come-back, with at least half a dozen reputable dealers in the states now, and I believe that number is growing. I also imagine that their recently announced Butterfly line will be popular as well. In the end, a Kharma speaker is hand-made to exacting specs in much the same way a classic Rolls Royce is. You could buy a Ferrari for the same price, but for many people, it's just not the same thing.

By the way, I'm not one of those people who can afford these speakers, but I do find their sound very much to my liking, so I take every opportunity to hear them when I can. I can tell you that it is now a well-run company with capable engineers that stands behind their products.