Kharma CRM3.2 vs Exquisite Mini

I was wondering if anyone has heard both and what differences were heard. I have the CRM3.2FE currently
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Two months ago I heard these two speakers on a demo at the manufacturor. We started with the CRM3.2FE which sounded fine to my ears. After switching to the Mini (with the Diamond tweeter), I could hear this speaker has more refinement (analog to the difference between Kharma Grand Reference and Enigma cables).
Note that the 3.2's were well broken in and the Mini's not (in fact they were just finished the day before !).
Still I could hear their potential extra quality.
But the difference in price is substantial, so I've chosen the Mini's with Focal tweeters. They arrived last weekend
and I'm breaking them in at the moment.
Thanks for the info
The Mini has special resonance control on the accuton ceramic drivers which is laser etched (2 black dots) then specially epoxied to break up certain resonant frequencies of the driver which are handled in the 3.2 electronically by the xover. This mechanical treatment allows for a simpler xover, a more pure, transparent and refined sound yet (which is already great in the 3.2). The mini also allows the option of using the diamond tweeter, which in my opinion is stellar,extended yet sweet though some would say it may call attention to itself ( although I don't hear this. It's nowhere near as obvious as the JM Labs Beryllium tweeter, which is a big distraction imo.
Are you referring to the Mini Exquisite (which, I do not believe is imported onto the US) or the Midi Exquisite which is. two different speakers.
how much are the minis with focal?