Kharma CRM3.2 or CRM3.2F?

I would like to hear opinnions from people who has tried the Focal tweeter upgrade on the Kharma CRM3.2. Does it really worth the price difference?

Another question is, has the CRM3.2F included the Enigma cable upgrade or is an option?

There is no CRM3.2 in the line up it is either a CRM3.1, CRM3.2F or CRM3.2D. The 3.1 is obviously not the speaker in question so. The 3.2F signifies the use of a modified focal tweeter, the 3.2D signifies the use of the 30mm diamond tweeter. I am not sure about the enigma upgrade, it may not be an option any more they may only come with it- which would mean its not an "option" any longer. Though that last statement is pure speculation. Your best bet would be to contact Jonathan at Chambers Audio he knows the most about kharma line in the US(assuming your in the US or Canada).