Kharma CRM 3.2F

Have ny of you heard this very expensive two-way speaker. It features the same drivers (high and mid range) and crossover components as the Exquisite.
the last time this question was posed "new Kharma Ceramique 3.2's" it spiraled down into philosophical muck......66 posts. not much usable information....much postureing. if you look on the speaker forum, last post Oct. 12th, you can sift thru the rubble and find your answers.

good luck and wear your body armour.
I notice you're asking about the "F". The thread Mike refers to is confused regarding the version -- and indeed, somewhat philosophical, at the end of the day.
I, for one, having heard Ceramiques with my electronics (then) liked them. However, this was not @ home, and I listened to classical & blues mostly. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but couldn't afford them :)
Mike above, uses a bigger model from the same stable, so he probably has a significant idea or two to offer!!

If you're thinking of buying, yr peripheral equipment is important; do, if you wish, mail me directly -- but as I said, Mike actually uses Kharma and is obviously more qualified than I. Cheers!
I couldnt find the controversial thread. Help please.............
Dolphin, here is a link.
The speaker you are talking about is also know as the Kharma Reference Monitor. There is a review coming by Jonathan Valin in Absolute Sound. From his comments in the last issue when he answered Mike Lavigne's letter, he made inferences to their greatness.

As a dealer for the Kharma line, I was hesitant at first because of the price, but after hearing them I understood their value. WOW!!!