Kharma Ceramique CE-1.0

What tube amp of reasonable cost will make these puppies hum?
ARC VT-100MKII or Cary 805c works superb with them also Siltech cable is a wonderfull match.Tommy
I use the Lamm ML-1 mono blocks with my Kharma's. They are fantastic. I realize they may not be of "reasonable" price, depending on ones definition of reasonable. I also have a Pathos Twin Towers R/R with a $250.00 capacitor mod that is VERY nearly the equal. The Pathos is a 35w integrated and is a fantastic value IMO( I was able to purchase mine used for $3250.00 on audiogon). There was actually an article in Stereophile several months ago where Sam Tellig makes a similar observation with respect to the Lamm and the Pathos. Kharma and Lamm often win "best of show" for their synergy and I can speak first hand for the synergy of both the Lamm's and the Pathos with these speakers.
I have heard the kharma#1 with the Thor Audio 30watt monos.Perfect match,not too sweet-not too bright.a perfect balance.I bought the Thors,now if I could only afford to buy the Kharmas!