Kharma Ceramique 3.1 vs 3.2 CRM

What does the 3.1 CE give up comparing to the 3.2CRM. Is the Revelator tweeter better than the Focal tweeter for strings and voices?

I listen to classicals (80% chamber & 20% orchestral), jazz & pop. Rarely any rock material. Is it worthwhile to go for the 2.1 (extra driver vs a more complex XO)?

Thanks guys
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The 2.1 is not in the same class for midrange as the 3 series.

The 3.1 is very similar to the 3.2. The 3.1 does not have the last bit of resolution as the 3.2. It is surprising how good the 3.1 is comared with the 3.2 CRM.
Thanks, Jtinn. The 3.1 uses a scanspeak tweeter but not the Revelator. Is that correct?
You are correct.