Kharma Ceramique 1.1 vs JM Labs Alto Utopia

I've narrowed it down to either of these two choice. I like good bass slam, dynamics, also a non fatiguing sound is important. Listen to mostly , pop , old and new rock, techno. Have 400 Watts RMS per channel and a room which is 18W X 20D. I would love to hear opinions and thoughts on which would be a better choice for me and how they differ in sound from each other.

Tough to call. I think ( to me ) the Kharma is a more a intimate type speaker that really shines when one listens at modest listening levels and which delivers a gorgeous balanced musical sound. To me bass slam is not its strong suit. Dynamics and non listener fatigue are for sure!
My guess would be the JM Lab would probably be a better choice. My opinion is judged only by owning the Kharma 1.0 and what good things I have heard about JM Labs.
Both excellent speakers but different in Character.
Who knows about that bass slam, Thorman, he's got 400W/channel! I too am a happy Kharma 1.0 owner and have briefly listened to the Utopias. Unfortunately ;-) I drive the Kharmas with SET's so I can't comment on the bass slam. IMO the Utopia's bass was slow and plodding, power delivery was complements of the VTL MB450's.

Magoo, at this level you gotta listen to them yourself.
I am very happy using only 30 watts. Thor TPA30 with the Kharma 1.0. I do think quality of watts are more important than the amount. ( in my opinion ) The Kharmas are my last stop for loudspeakers. I like them that much,but as the last guy said you gotta hear em to understand.I personally would only upgrade to another Kharma ,higher up the ladder.
The point I was trying to make was that the Kharmas do everything equally well ( great balance ) and I believe they are the most listenable speaker around. Good Luck
I dont think anything tops the tweeter of the Altos. I know people have their views on this but mine is that its accuracy, especially when driven with tubes, is wonderful and not tiring at all. The bass is good, not the sort of experience you would get with B&W 800s but sufficient for the space you describe. Dont forget they are quite large, though.
This thread is like comparing a Rolls to a Bently, both manufactor`s shine in certain area`s truely when you talk of speaker`s of this callibur it is better to let your own ear`s decide. I do own a pair a mezzo`s and have listened to the alto`s and the new BE tweeter is very impresive but on the other hand you have one of the best crossover in the industry with Kharma I know if I had a pair of Kharma`s instead of JM Lab I probably would be just as happy. I can say one thing I drive the mezzo`s with a mc352 at 350 aside and they dont lack in bottom end department. My room size is 20x24. David