Kharma Ceramique 1.0 question

I have a 13 x 16 x 8 room. Is this size ok for the Kharma 1.0?  Is there any bass? I will be driving it with a BAT VK-500. are these a fatiguing speaker?  thanks.

No problems with that amp into this kind of speaker load, and you’ll have great sound and bass.

Cheers George
That's a rather unfortunate plot though. I wonder why the dip around 100 Hz is there?

These always make me a little suspicious.
Is this size ok for the Kharma 1.0?
Dunno, sorry, always listened to it in large rooms. Mind you, they are big so you’ll need to treat the room & engage in super-careful placement!
Is there any bass?
Sufficient, I would say. I listen to classical and I could hear some of the cellos

I will be driving it with a BAT VK-500.
Sounds good, more than adequate

are these a fatiguing speaker?
No, not AFAI remember. They have a hard ceramic mid, however, that will screech on bad recordings

I owned those speaker years ago if you get a really good deal they will be great.They should sound wonderful with Bat.Good luck enjoy!!
do you remember the size of your room?
Room was 14X21 but with the right room treatment such as Stillpoint  panels and ASC tube traps they should work.You will most certainly need room treatment.
Thank you. I do have room treatment in place. Still a little hesitant.