Kharma Ceramic 1.0 speaker with Atma Sphere Amps ?

Has anyone tried the Kharma Ceramic 1.0 speaker with the Atma Sphere MA 1 Mk II.2.

I will be using an Audio Aero CD Player with Jenna cables. Synergistic Resolution Reference speaker cables.

I am looking for a good match for my speakers.

Thanks in advance for you replies.
go to the tenor amps,one of the best match with ceramiques
look up "kharma" under previous threads and you will get alot of dicussion around this subject.

a number of people swear by the Tenor but Kharma uses Lamm to show with and have for years. Both Tenor and Kharma are using the same output tube although their approach to amps is different. I have come to believe that their is a lot to the tube. Now I have extensive listening with the Kharma 1s and the Lamm and I can tell you I have not heard better. Lamm of course has gotten RAVE reviews from everyone. I have never read better more consistant reviews where many conclude by the end that this may be the best amp on the planet...very consistant (I am refering to the ML1 20k) The atmosphere is supposed to be great stuff but Kharma and Lamm think their stuff, respectively, works best but who knows for sure.

Good luck
I auditioned the CE 1.1 (the newest) with Lamm's 6C33C output tube based (18-wpc) monoblocks about 3 months back but I ended up buying the CE 2.2 just because of cost and also size due mostly to WAF.

I just received (FYI - I'm the 1st owner in USA or so I'm told, but serial reads US-002 -- oh well!) the Kharma CE 2.2 just three weeks back. I'm driving them with a Graaf 13.5B tube preamp and a Graaf GM-20 OTL (20wpc) stereo amp. My frontend is a Copland 289 HDCD. The CE 2.2 are 89-db, 8-ohms nominal speaker, 1-db less than the CE 1.0's.

The mids and the highs are fabulously liquid but base extension is not as pronounced as I would like. The Lamms did slightly better in base than my Graaf, I think. But last week while my amp was at the shop getting a capacitor replaced, I had opportunity to use a pair of SS Musical Fidelity 50-wpc monoblocks (these amps are the size and shape of a couple of roles of Bounty paper towel). This is when I realized what these speakers are capable of in terms of based extension. I'm now sure that the 20wpc, even though they're OTL watts, are simply not enough to truely reveal the base capabilities of these (not so efficient) speakers. By the way, let me also mention that unlike many here, most of what I listen to is NOT classical or Jazz, although I like them just fine. I listen to a lot of "Bosa Nova" and "Lounge" style music -- don't crindge you purists!

Even though I have not heard the Atma-Spheres but at 140wpc of these highly regarded OTLs I'm sure you'll be in audio nirvana especially, if you don't mind the 10-degree rise in your room temparature. However, if you can afford it I'd say go with the 75-wpc Tenors.

Me too, I'm out once more looking at amps. Never ends, does it...

Good Luck!!
by the way, I meant to mention that I owned the Kharma 2s for a while and a good friend is a dealer for Kharma and Lamm this is how I have had a chance to listen to them so much.

FWIW, I have owned the Lamm Ml-1's and now own the Tenor's. They are both outstanding amps....I prefer the Tenor and the purity of the OTL design. I have used both with Kharma 1's, Audio Physic Avanti III's and Speaker Art Proklaim II's.
To answer your direct question, I think the MA1's would be an excellent match with the Kharma.
I think the Lamm 1.1 hybrid monoblocks make these speakers just sing
The Lamm hybred are nice on the 1s but the ML1 (90w) are much better all around. You can't believe the base you get from the ML1 though the hybred does a little better in this regard. I had the M1.1 hybred at home with my 2s and this was definately the best I heard the 2s but the 1s preferred the ML1.

These guys have me all hyped up about the Tenors. I have always planned to eventually own the Lamm, and this may still be the case, but when the time comes I will be definately checking out the Tenors since they are using the same 6C33C tube but I will have to be wowed to change the impression Lamm has made on me. As a interim I am considering the Joule Stargate...seem to have the same signature I am assuming from the 6C33C again.

Sorry, I have ignored the the MA1 is 1/2 the money as the Lamms and Tenor so if 10k is your retail limit you probably will be hard pressed to find something better. Bottom line is you can't go wrong any of the ways mentioned in this thread and you will love the 1s...Kharma has not gotten its due in my opinion and Stereophile really did a disservice to the 2s when they reviewed them.

With the music you listen to, you will be extrememly happy.

good luck and good listening,
Thanks so much for all the feedback. Lots of insight here !!! My feeling is that the Atma Spheres are my closest choice to the Tenors.

I welcome all the input I can get!!!

Thanks Again,
Just as an FYI, besides the Atma-Sphere all of the amps mentioned above including my existing amp Graaf GM20 OTL are all based on 6C33C output tubes -- hmmm!!!.

I'm also looking into a relatively unknown company here in side of the globe by the name of "Supratek" from western ausie land. Mick Maloney the designer/owner is calling this amp "Burgandy" which is also a 6C33C based push-pull configuration in monoblocks with output ratings to be around 100wpc. The amp is currently in design stage with expected availablity around late 2002.

Most of the discussions re: Supratek has revolved around its "eye candy" prem-amps (Chardoney, Syrah, Cortese). Might be worth a look: check it out at
This thread begs the question of why Ralph Karsten, who was one of the first to use the 6C33C in any configuration, let alone OTL, that I can remember, stopped making those models to go with the 6AS7 exclusively in his Atma-Sphere OTL amps. He must have had his reasons, but the tube seems to have taken off since then - first Joule-Electra, then Lamm, Tenor, etc. Just curious; I've never heard any of these!

you already own the Kharmas right? If not let me know because they don't ship well and I would give some cautions if you were having them shipped.

Stealth, i love my Tenors with my Kharma Exquisites. i have listened to the Grand Ceramiques on the Lamm ML1s and they were very good, but short of the overall clarity, speed and extension of the Tenors.

Charles von Oostrom, Mr. Kharma, uses Tenor 75Wi monoblocks on his Kharma Exquisite 1As.

i think either the Atmasphere MA1 at $10k or the Tenor 75Wi at $20k would be the best choices for the Kharma 1.0 Ceramiques.
Thanks again guys for all this "Great" information.

Yes Bbtuna I already own the Kharma 1.0's. I really like them.

I have been using the Kora Cosmos power amps, but I am considering the purchase of a second pair of mono blocks. I am thinking of using my Cosmos power amps in my second system once I decide on their replacement in my primary system.

Good Listening to all, thanks