Kharma 3.2.2

Has anyone heard the Kharma 3.2.2? How is it different from the 3.2?
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I believe the new Kharma 3.2.2 has a slightly larger cabinet plus an additional midbass driver. Curious what the price will be. Go to the Kharma website for more details.
I 've seen their website. has anyone heard it?
Here in the Netherlands the CE-3.2.2. is listed for € 20.000,- for the passive version and € 24.000 for the active version with build in Kharma MP-150 amplifiers.
For comparison, the CRM-3.2FE is listed for € 15.750,-


Specifications Ceramique 3.2.2
April 2nd, 2007
Though still in the final testing phase we can already output some specs of the latest Kharma Product, the Ceramique 3.2.2.

2.5-way System
RMS-power: 200 W
Dynamic power: 400 W
Frequency range: 30-25k Hz
Efficiency: 90 dB/W/m
Maximum SPL: 113 dB
Nom. Impedance: 4 Ohm
Min. Impedance: 3,5 Ohm
Connection: Kharma Binding Posts

Height 38,8 in | 98,5 cm
(Adjustable 0,2 in | 0,5 cm)
Depth 25 in | 63,5 cm
Width 15,2 in | 38,5 cm
Weight 110 lb | 50 kg

Link to drawing of the CE-3.2.2:

Regards Jan
Have they changed/improved the high-frequency driver?
Is it still the Modified Focal Titanium one? Is it still
a metal tweeter?
As far as I know it is still the Focal titanium driver.
I will ask the people from Kharma when I visit there factory in Breda - Netherlands again, probably within the next month or so

Regards Jan
Thank you. Yep, Wilson also loves the Focal titanium
after all these years.
>> € 24.000 for the active version with build in Kharma MP-150 amplifiers

does that means they'll get RCA or XLR inputs i/o spade binding terminals?