Kharma 3.1 vs. Quad 988

I am purchasing the Manley Shrimp/Snapper combination and cannot decide between the Kharma 3.1 and the Quad 988. My listening room is 16x17 and I mostly listen to jazz and classical. I loved the Quads for their transparancy, soundstaging, and lack of coloration/distortion. They really made me feel passionate about the music again. However, I am having a hard time with the "wife acceptance factor" and a friend suggested the Kharma 3.1 . I know the Kharma 3.2 just got the great review and that there is a big difference between the two. However, for this price point I wonder what the feeling is out there since I have not been able to audition the Kharma 3.1. Thanks for the help.
As a Kharma dealer and a lover of Quads, I do not envy what you must be going through. The 3.1 will give you everything you get from the Quads but quite a bit more as well. You will get the great midrange (I personally think it is even better), but a much more dynamic and lifelike sound. The soundstaging is incredible.

Good luck!
I've heard the 3.2s but not the 3.1s. I love my 2.2s, an often forgotten mid-range model that is the perfect size for my room.

I suspect you will get a massive dose of the Kharma sound from the 3.1s at a fraction of the cost of the 3.2s, as all the Ceramique series share the same delightful, possibly awe-inspiring, characteristics.

Go for it...
I have owned Quad 57's and have spent a bit of time with the 988's and have also owned Kharma 2.2's. You will not go wrong with either choice but you will not be disappointed with the 3.1's IMO. You've gotten good advice above.
I own the Kharma 3.0's and think they are fantastic!
A bit off the track, but does anyone have any hands on comparison between the Sonus Faber Extrmas, Kharma 3.1s or 3.2s and or the Quad 988 ?

How would you describe the differences in sound ?

Tough call. Both are excellent speakers. Probably a couple of the best in the world. I love Quads. In fact I have owned 4 pair of different vintages. But for day to day listening and the ability to play all kinds of music I would probably lean towards the Kharma. Beautiful also.
I don't sell either brand so rest assured I am not trying to sell you anything.
I currently own 988s and just ordered a pair of kharma 3.2 They should arrive in a week. I look forward to hear for myself what others have. I bought without ever hearing, just based on reputation....I will tell you soon.
I finally received my 3.2s last Monday. I have spent every minute of free time working with the placement. Just ten days before the arrival of the Kharmas, I received a pair of Tenor Wi 75. I plugged them to my 988s and heard what I never thought possible to get from the Quads.More dynamics more transparency ( if that is possible)bigger satge etc.. For a moment there I thought that there was no way that what I was hearing could be improved upon...It was. To make a long story short, the 3.2s are all the Quads are plus additional dynamics,sage, detail,depth and height and a bit more bass, only that "that bit of bass" is tighter more natural.
I could have been a very happy man listening to my 988 with the Tenors and just investing in a better front end, but once you hear the Tenor/Kharma deal, there is no way back.
I look forward to continue working with placement as I can tell that there is more to the 3.2 than what I have heard so far.
Anyone compare the Kharma 3.2 to either the Wilson WattPuppy 7 or Sophia speakers from Wilson Audio?