Kharma 2.0

Listened and sound good but old power amp ( Mark Levinson 23.5) with not high damping fctor and not high current, can it push the speaker with sufficient base??

The 2.0 should be an easy load for the Levinson 23.5 you mentioned. Bass should be well controlled with this amp.
Agree, should be more than powerful enough. Can you try it out ? But many including myself much prefer the Kharmas with tube or hybrid amps.
I also agree with Thom on the choice of amps...Tubes are the way to go with the 2.0. They image like nothing else. and throw a wonderful soundstage. To take advantage of this, you need to have some good tubes in the chain.
The 2.0's had wonderful bass and midrange, but the tweeter was a bit rolled off for my taste. You can upgrade the tweeters and crossovers, but it is VERY expensive. I would opt for a tube amp with lots of extension or energy in the highs, like a good OTL amp. Hope this helps!