Kevin gets the

Both Stereophile and Absolute Sound review Prima Luna's integrated at the same time...did Kevin threaten to pull his full page ads or else? Don't get me wrong, I have purchased many a tube etc. from Kevin over the years, and he has always been courteous and quite helpful... But this is a perfect example how the world has always worked , and as much as the Internet makes me crazy at times I'm grateful for the free exchange of opinions we still have on sites like Audiogon etc.
I general, I want every business with whom I trade to do well....very well. Do I want a great deal, yes. Do I want great service, yes. Am I willing to pay extra so that when I have have a problem the business will assist me, absolutely.

Bigger picture, when did it become acceptable to hate on someone who has taken immense risk and been wildly successful? I don't get it. Where were the critics when Kevin was hiking through Europe every year, 20-30 years ago, with his life savings in his pocket buying all the tubes he could find? Wasn't solid state the answer....who would ever need to buy a tube again?

There are many who believe Kevin Deal deserves a great deal of credit for making tube electronics accessible by virtually anyone with a hifi budget. Even though my present system is not from Upscale, I have never been unhappy with a transaction and Kevin has gone above and beyond for me on numerous occassions. Kevin is however the kind of person who appreciates the finer things. Why not? He has no kids to send to college, he is kind to his employees, he appreciates finely made pieces of art.....whether that is hifi gear, fine automobiles, fine mechanical watches, amazing motorcycles or a carefully built tube from a bygone era.

Chill don't think Kevin is a nice guy, then you haven't met the real Kevin.....AND....if you think his advertising makes the difference in him getting a review then what about last month....the month before.....five years ago....10 years ago.....? Your premise that his advertising pressures the magazines to review his gear is laughable. If that were true then he advertises SO MUCH, SO FREQUENTLY that if that logic were applied every product he wanted reviewed would get it. He has achieved enough where he doesnt have to deal in marginal product AND his longevity does give him some credibility doesnt it? Oh well, be jealous of something besides the spoils of free enterprise.
06-03-13: Trelja
"Stereophile and TAS are more on the up and up than most of the internet review sites, which is where the true sleazebags live.”

Then we’re screwed.
I've bought 2 Prima Luna amps and a JL Audio sub from Kevin. I live in Southern California, so I've been to his showroom 3 times. I've spent about 2 hours total in his presence and talked with him on the phone maybe 7 times about a variety of things.

Having said all that, here's where I come out: Kevin isn't for everybody. He's a bit eccentric. His eccentricity doesn't both me, but I could see how it would bother other folks. There is a way to talk with Kevin that works, and a way that doesn't. If you think that's lousy customer service, I'm not going to argue with you.

I will say that, IME, it isn't that difficult to figure out the best way to talk to Kevin, and if you do, I've found him to be cooperative, friendly, and even amusing. I am very happy with the products he sold me and he gave me excellent deals 2 out of 3 times. Also, I had an issue arise concerning a credit card matter (that was not his fault in any way) and he was a gentleman about it. So, IMO, Kevin gets reasonably high marks for customer service.

Yes, he is quirky. Yes, he can be abrupt. But his occasional abruptness is worth the price of admission, IMO.

I respect that other people have different views, and I have no intention of trying to change anyone's mind.

Happy listening.

Bryoncunningham, what an elequent way of stating your point of view, well said. I have reread your post and believe you have offered a reasonable and acceptable answer to Kevin's eccentricity which seems to appear at random with some callers. Thankyou for your post, it has been helpful!
" What does driving a Ferrari have to do with customer service" Absolutely nothing. I know a dealer that rides a bicycle to work and he will give you better customer service than Deal ever will.