Kestrals vs Shearwaters

Hey there Meadowlark experts, I have a question for you: My listening room is 11X14 w/ 10 ft ceilings. My amp is a Mesa Tigris Integerated (25wpc) with a Cary CD 303. Given the size of my room and the equipment, which model of Meadowlarks do you recommend - HR Shearwaters or HR Kestrals
You would be amazed at how low the Kestrels will go, probably 90% of the Shearwaters. I would also say that the Kestrels are slightly easier to place and actually throw a slightly wider soundstage. That said, I own HR Shearwaters because I think overall they are more refined sounding and have that little extra umph in the low end that I can appreciate in my room. If your looking to save some money, give the kestrels a try, you will be surprised at the performance. Both are great with tubes by the way. Hope this helps
I agree with above. I've heard both, & I own the H.R. Shearwaters. The Kestrels do have a wider sounstage, while the Shearwater's higher 'detail' gives a more focussed location of instruments between the speakers, really a "holographic" effect with a good amp. Anyway, in your room, I think the Kestrels are the better choice. Shearwaters need more room, ideally they'd sound better away from the wall, and you should be (as the literature says) at least seven feet from the speakers, more like 8 or 9. I've got my Shearwaters out about 8 feet from the rear wall, and about 5 feet from the side walls in my 24x18x8 room. The Kestrels are really great speakers. I'd love to have a pair of them too! That'll be a great set up, Kestrels & Mesa, mmmmmm.
Having heard both and owned the Shearwaters for the last 2 years, I'd have to say there is absolutley no contest between them. The Shearwaters ares ignificantly more transparent throughout the frequency spectrum. They respond to better electronics and cables with the best speakers out there. The 11 x 14 room may be the minimal size in which the Shearwaters will work properly given their extended bass due to the transmission line aspect of the mid-bass driver. They did not work well in my 9 x 13 library, but did in my 14 x 24 living room, with the proper electronics and cabling. Listening position needs to be in the 8'-9' range MINIMUM! TAS did the audiophile community a major disservice by not allowing the Shearwaters they tested to fully break-in. Jeff