Kestrals and SETs?

I have a pair of hot rodded Kestrals and I want to find an integrated SET(less than $1500, new or used) that is a good match.
I would appreciate any feedback based on actual experience and any other significant set-up tips-
thanks in advance-
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Hi, it is more then you want to spent, but I just listened to Kestrals and KR Audio Antares. Wow! It is magical combination...
Ok, what topology, output tube and power do the Audio Antares deliver? The Kestrals are high 80s in efficency?
the Antares is way uot of my price range- are you selling that line?
I own the Kestral HR's and used them for a while with a Fi 2a3 - 3.5 watts. They will give you a taste of whats going on with SEts but the kestrals really need a minumum of 8 watts, and the truth is probably more.

There are some kits out there for that kind of money or less, and I believe ASL makes some 300b's in that price range (?).

I've kept the kestrals, but currently use the Fi with a single driver speaker with much higher sensitivity.
Interesting. What single driver are you using? What aspects of performance can to you relate to the speaker and more specifically the greater efficency or design to this improved performance. I've batted this around as well, but have been unable to listen to some of the better representitives of those designs.

I'm currently using a Moth s45 SET with 45 tubes with dynamic Silverline Sonatinas; 93db, simple x-over, flat 8ohm. With the latest upgrade to 24awg solid silver speaker "cables" I'm very satisfied with the results and feel no desire to explore other avenues. That said, I will do so at some point, if only to test the reported results. TIA
I'm using Ed Schillings little fostex horn. It's really not about the possibilty of "louder" that interests me with higher eff. single drivers, its what I think is a better compliment to the Fi.

Better microdynamics, better coherency and more of that 'liveness" that compliments my listening tastes. Less bass, but what is there is more articulate, propulsive. Picking apart though on audiophile terms interests me less and less, and so lets just say I'm very intrigued with this setup. Single driver horns are imperfect in many ways, so if they don't compliment your priorities, its easy to dismiss them. If they do, they can be addictive.
Check out the Mastersound DU Vente from Italy, killer single ended integrated but it is not a SET, it is based on the EL34 output tube. 20 watts a channel. I have seen them on Audiogon for around $1200 used. I almost bought one after hearing it but decided to build my own.
Thanks, the fact you prefer/use a single driver vs the Kestrals says enough without detailing in "audiophile terms" of your choice. I will add your experience into the yeah camp. Untill I'm able to introduce my Moth to another type of speaker it really is silly to interpret-transfer words into sounds. I appreciate your insight.

I agree that you should view using a single driver speaker as an experiment. It may or may not make you a convert, but it certainly will teach you quite a bit about the differences b/t dynamics and s.d. horns.

In that regard ED's speaker is a no brainer. Cheap, easy to store and easy to sell(it seems). I was very willing to spend more, and viewed this as a short term experiment. Funny though, I've had my meadowlarks out only about 2 weeks in the last 8 months, although, as I've said above, 3 watts just isn't enough to drive them.

have fun.