Kenwood tuner alignment

Is there anyone in Denver that does work on Vintage Kenwood tuners? I have both the L-01 and L-02 that I would like to have checked out by a great tech. Thanks for any help.
Not aware of anyone in your area, but here on this website is a list of quality technicians who understand vintage tuners..

You could also try posting a question on this FM Tuner Club's Yahoo discussion group. There is a link to their forum on that page under the last repair tech mentioned.

I am an occassional contributor to that website (not as sugarbrie). There are persons there who really know their technical stuff. I am just a user contributor...
Try Joseph Chow He advertizes sometimes on Audiogon and I highly recommend him.Extremely knowldegeable,and had done a Marantz Tuner for me.He has vast experience working on tuners in the industry.
I too own a L 02 and it never worked as well as I expected it to work.
I recently had it brought up to everything by Randy Young who lived in Tn .
I am expecting it back Monday and Randy emailed me to advise me that it is the best tuner and quietest he ever heard in 30 years .
If you are interested I can get you Randy's phone # .