Kenwood/Trio L05-M grounding

I have a pair of Kenwood L05-M monoblocks & I'm considering replacing the 2-wire zip cord power cords with something a little bigger/better. The Kenwoods have an interesting feature, though: the power cable is ungrounded, but there are binding posts on each for a ground wire. The owner's manual say to connect a wire between these, but not to the wall. So the question is would it be evil to just ground them individually, using a 3 conductor power cord? I'm sure that there was a reason why the designers wanted to connect the ground plane of the two amps, but I have no idea what it might be & I don't know if defeating that would have some horrible consequences.
why don't you install the better a/c cable and leave the ground wire unterminated. the ground loop is controlled through the rca and typically through the preamp to ground. i performed that upgrade to a pair of LO9-M's that i had. (you may want to consider changing the binding posts also while you're in there)
Corby -- Yes, that's another option -- maybe replace the PC with some of chrisvh's very nice cryo'd flavor 2 wire w/no ground from the wall. I'm thinking about the binding posts, too -- although the I kind of like the existing kind of balls-to-the-wall posts (they look like they're made just for bare wire :-). Of course, the other option is just to leave them stock...
Corby, what kind of wire/connectors did you use for your upgrade? Did you install an IEC or hardwire? How did it work out, sound-wise? Inquiring minds want to know ;-)
I also have the Kenwood L07M monoblocks. I replaced the AC cord . Internally, I connected the ground wire (green) of the powercord to the chassis. I am using the L07M with an ARC to biamp Maggies (3,5)