Kenwood P-26 turntable issues

Hi Everyone, recently I’ve found a old Kenwood P-26 Turntable that was apart of an hifi system, Currently i have the turntable hooked up to my Edifier R1000T4 speakers whilst using an behringer pp400 pre amp I’m not sure what is causing the buzzing sound as the turntable includes built in rca cables and dose not have a grounding part.

update: the sound isn’t working coming from the left side would although it works on the there is slight buzzing on the left side when i turn it up would this suggest that the built in rca cables are bad?

any advice would be appreciated

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start a process of elimination. 

reverse TT's l/r rca cable into preamp. problem moves to right? that means it is definitely happening at the TT.

check/clean/redo/replace the jumper wires from cartridge to headshell/tonearm.

if removable headshell, remove, clean contacts on arm and headshell, tighten firmly (double check the azimuth at final tightening).

put l and r back to l and r.

still no sound except buzz one side? verify correct, then purposely switch the 4 left and right cartridge wires to send l to r, r to l. problem move to other side? if so, it's the cartridge itself.

problem doesn't move, problem somewhere else. Sometimes, we move a cable/connection when installing other equipment. unplug everything except the TT. still noise?