kenwood M1D info please

hi folks. i first signed on quite awhile ago. but never posted. as i was more interested at looking at all te photos.
so now i have a question.

i bought a m1d last week from my coworker for ten dollars. and going into it i knew it had a broken gain knob for the right channel. and turns out the level was low on that channel, even with te volume all the way up. and now i bypassed te pots all together. snipped right where the pot board is, and went straight to where the input is on te main board.(what is it with te h here)

so before i did that i was gently nudging te connector(main board) then te wires came out. whoops. seems its held on by pressure. as i was able to put them back on. but remebering that the sound was so low on the right channel i snip the wires going onto te pot board. then wired directly to where the wires going out of the pot board connected to.

and then after i did that. i start thinking that the wires must have been a bit loose and i cut into it prematurely. "long sigh" its wierd. i had one interconnect to test it with. put into the right pre in, with speaker at right speaker out. and no sound, then i connect the rca into the left pre in then there is sound on te right channel. it appears to be working fine now(like an idiot i didnt use l/r rca to test. ) and there was some one on another board that had a spare pot for an m1d. so i will look into that some times. but i might wind up liking the way it is now. with out oxidised pots to worry about.

id like to learn more about this amp as well. its capabilitys, is it stable to just below 2 ohms? for reference i hardly go past 1 watt. infrequently i peak(with different amps m1d is not connected to main rigs) around 10 watts. with songs i like. should the amp/speakers be wired a certain way? i researched it a bit and some where i read that a smaller cable should be used to augment a larger guage cable?

may be more questions.