Kenwood L1000D Cd Player Inquiry

Does anyone own or have any info about this Kenwood Unit?...
Is this rare and desirable?...or is it considered just old vintage. The built quality seems excellent but have been unable to discover much information about it.
Thank you
Was built in late 80's/early 90's. Did not use any oversampling and was built like a tank. Good sound quality. I Googled the player and came up with this in less than 5 minutes. Lots of info on this.
I have the complete Kenwood L1000 system. The cdp is a beast of a player, it weighs about 15 kg and is really big, mine was made in 91. I think that it sounds better than my Creek Evo cdp, which is an ok player. I'm yet to try it with my new dac as the laser has just started playing up. But I think it will make a pretty good transport. Will post my thoughts when I get it up and running again. There is some info on The Vintage Knob and from Lampizator.
Cheers Dave.
I should add that these seem to be quite rare at least in Australia, and are highly collectable by Kenwood enthusiasts. The pre and power combo sound really good and would put much newer gear to shame. I've had the signal path caps replaced in the power amp and a bit of other work done and it has made it even better. My thoughts would be grab it. If you don't like it I'm sure you could sell it for the same money or more.
Cheers Dave.