Kenwood L-09M Service Manual?

Hi, due to a stupid accident, I am now searching high and low for a service manual for one of my Kenwood L-09M. Any help is very appreciated. Found a tech on the vintage knob who claims that he has one in pdf, but for some reason I can not register there. My apologies for the moaning, but I got a dark cloud following me due to this self-made incident. So, check your connections twice, three times, before powering up... Best, diamo.
Check Vinylengine or Hifi enfine on the web for free service/owners manuals. You'll need to register but both sites are valuable resources. (No affiliation)
Thanks to everyone, I have just received a copy of the service manual in pdf from a kind soul. I have, in turn, posted this manual at hifi engine for anyone else who might ever need it (registration needed). I'll probably post more manuals at hifi engine eventually, yes, it is a life saver when you're searching for documentation...and, if I get yours, you can have mine, right?
Just out of curiosity, what is wrong with it?
I had one of these for years (couldn't afford to replace it)--one of the most horrible sounding amps ever. I was not lucky enough to have it die on its own.
Right channel speaker wire touched each other, amp screamed, then went quiet, so did I.
Possible shorted output your speaker blown too?
Thanks Hifigeek, told the tech to check out the output transistors. Yesterday, I worked up the nerve to verify the speaker, and no, I was lucky (there), it survived! One would think that the speaker elements and/or the cross-over has taken some kind of beating?
If you didn't damage your woofer or tweeter there's a chance the outputs are okay. Let me know what the tech finds..
Let me add that I owned and L-07 many years ago and played with the output devices to make in a MKII. I thought the original L-07 sounded better. Both of these amps had issues with capacitive loads and were susceptible to oscillating. Because the MKII versions supposedly had high speed output devices this caused the amp to be a bit more unstable. The culprit was the awful circuit board. Which goes to show that you could have the best design in the world; with a poorly designed circuit board the product will not perform. Also the amp was current limited and bass performance suffered because of it. I loved the packaging of the amp and if you look at the Ampzilla 2000 you notice packaging similarities. That's the only similarity I'm sure...