Kenwood L-09m's - Keep or Sell?

I am getting a pair or Talon Khorus speakers on friday. I currently have a set of L-09m monoblocks(300w) driven by a AR SP-8 MK II(revision 7) preamp. Question is..........Should I be looking for another amp or amps? If so, I would like to keep it under $2500 in the used dept. Of course I am going to see how the Kenwoods sound, but I want to do a little homework incase I am not happy with the match. Suggestions?
You may want to consider having the L-09s modified. I've used RAM with great results. Good luck...
I believe that speaker is fairly efficient and an easy load,why not tubes?Listen with the L-09s and report your sonics-like/don't,then take suggestions.