Kenwood KT-1000 Tuner

I have a Kenwood KT-1000 tuner. It was made in the the early 80's. It was rated by HiFi magazines as very good. Probably costed $ 300 or so. Fairly high in those days.
I never thought that it sounded good and still do't like it. Both my turntable and CD player beat it hands-down. Does anyone else have experience with this tuner? Should I sell it and buy something else.

While these guys are geared more towards listening to distant broadcasts ( FM DX'ing ) than being audiophiles, the two different outlooks somewhat blend together. It all boils down to a tuner with good performance. They are simply willing to sacrifice a small amount of sonic quality to achieve better sensitivity and selectivity.

With that in mind, they think pretty highly of your tuner. My experience is that most of the older analogue FM tuners from Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, etc... tend to sound like tin cans and lack spacial info even with very high quality FM broadcasts. This is not a problem for most people as most FM stations sound like junk to begin with and good quality broadcasts are far and few between. Figure that one out of ten or twenty stations is not going overboard on compression, etc... and is actually using "hi-fidelity" type source components.

My suggestion is to do the best you can with what you have and go from there. Get a good antenna for best incoming signal, a good set of interconnects to go to your preamp, set up the tuner like it was any other component in terms of isolation, damping, etc... and see how you like it then. I would try to use a local classical station as a yardstick, as they are least likely to "muck up" the signal with a lot of processing. If that's not good enough for you, THEN move to a different tuner. Sean
This is the best info I have ever received to an inquiry on Audiogon. You are incredible.
Glad i could help. Some people are easy to please : ) Sean
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A lot of the older tuners ARE good, but as Sean says (antenna) and there are some very good tuners today, but they aren't cheap. Depends on how much you want to listen to FM.