Kenwood KD990 Upgrading

Newbie to audiophile equip. desires advice on upgrading this TT. All is stock. How or what could I do to improve this unit. Appreciate advice on arm changes, stylus or replace all with either a VPI Scout or a Acoustic Solid Classic Wood. I also have a Mac MA 2275, Monster Power Center, Mac MCD 201 and Legacy speakers. Thanks in advance....Pat
DrPat -- It's important to know the make and hopefully also the model of the phono cartridge that is installed in the arm. As I indicated in your other thread, differences in phono cartridges can overshadow differences between turntable/tonearm combinations. Also, it would be helpful to know the approximate age of the cartridge in years (as I indicated, suspension materials used in them tend to harden after many years), and very roughly how many hours of playing time it has on it (that being relevant, obviously, to stylus wear).

-- Al