Kenwood KD-990 how to set up VTA?

As in question above. Have you set up vta in this tonearm? How exactly? Any help? Photo? ;)
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On the rear of the tonearm there is a small square cut out there you will see a small set screw on mine it takes a allen wrench loosen and hold the tone arm to prevent a sudden drop and make the necessary adj. You may need to readjust the lift height after setting the VTA this has a small set screw below the lift this usually takes a small screwdriver.

hope this helps

I know that this thread is five years old, but having just purchased a KP-990, I just wanted to say,”Yeah, we do have VTA adjustments on our mid-level turntable, it may be all we have the “means” to buy, but perhaps it’s a far sight better than you think there, snobby”.

Welcome. When I read the people trying to help the OP, I didn't take it that way. What I found odd was that the OP never responded.