kenwood c1 basic

i am close to listening to records again, have brought the thorens td125, sme 3009 series 2, out of moth balls cleaned lubed, and rebuilt, befour i get ahead of my self i am going to use my old c1 basic as a phono amp going to my rotel 1068, i have a new stylis for my ortofon m20fl super, has anyone used the c1 in this kind of setup? if all goes right and i like how lps sound as its been at lest 15 years, i will start to improve on what i already have, the 1st being getting the improved wiring rca connectors for my sme. thanks mike
Get the C2 Pre-Amp. It sounds better.
The signal-to-noise ratio is 110db.
i already have the c1 if all goes well i am going to look into a mid priced phono amp. the last time i played records it was simple you pluged your turntable into your preamp, or receiver, i am going to take it slow and try to take in all of the info i can, any help on this would be great, thanks mike