Kenwood 8005 find?

Hello, I would like to say happy holiday to all and a happy new year. I am hoping I made a good buy today with a very good condition Kenwood 8005 tuner for the price of 78.00. I was perusing my local thrift and on a counter was the Kenwood with a tag of 78.00. Yes of course I did try to make an offer but no go, so I finally broke down and made the purchase. I did check and all lamps are in order and tuning dial is free moving no sticking at all. The only issue is a missed small knob which I am hoping I will find. I have a Kenwood 8003 that I paid 20.00 over two years ago that I love. So I am wondering a good purchase or ? Oh last word, can I replace the side wood panels for newer or have them made? There not in bad condition the originals but they are at the edges starting to peel somewhat and I guess a little carpenters glue would help.
Enjoy it ..If you happy then its a good deal..Don't invest any money in it just in case it does by the farm..Just use it and enjoy it while its still alive...Great buy...........
I have had several, still have one, it is excellent. If signal is not clean or sound not excellent, have it aligned. Once aligned it is a terrific tuner, better sounding than many, many others. One way to get knobs is to buy a cheap 4005 or 6005 on ebay.
Schipo, I have spare knobs from a KT7300 tuner and if they fit your welcome to them. Shoot me a email if your interested. Happy Holidays!