Kent English

I just have to say that as an audiophile for over 40 years you have contact with multiple people in the industry.  There are few more pleasurable to deal with than Kent English at Pass Labs and Mark Hammitt with Reno HIFI.
Being wealthy (usually) gives you a good attitude...

Thank You for the shout out. It is imperative to post both positive and negative experiences when dealing with these Audio companies/manufacturers. Happy Listening!
Yes, I know Kent.   He is a champ and picks up the phone.  I doubt he is getting rich on this.
After dealing with Thiel, Pass, and PS Audio for my first three hi-fi purchases I thought stellar customer service was just part of the industry. Wow was I wrong. 
As a recent new Pass owner I also can't say enough about either Kent or Mark. Dealt with them both and got answers (sometimes not the ones I had hoped for..) in short order. With guys like this still working in the business I wish both continued success. Still impressed with their insights and keeping me from spending more on additional gear that was not needed, and the sq of my current system bears this out.
Having interacted multiple times with both I must say they are a pleasure to deal with.
Harry at VPI, Richard at Vandersteen, Gary at Ayre all gave me superlative attention and support.
True, Pass Labs has great customer service :)