Ken Parker's latest archtop "Spot"

See my new guitar at:
Ken Parker Archtops "Spot"

It's out on recording assignments right now, but I'll take delivery late this year or early next year. I may go visit it, hopefully in a recording session with someone like Bill Frissell or John Hart, we'll see.

When anything is released I'll let you know.

Browse the site and take a listen to these amazing guitars.

Wow! It's a beauty. I'm completely unfamiliar with Ken Parker guitars. Would I have ever heard these on any previous recordings?


No, the first one was made last summer, so the recording sessions are happening as we talk. The samples on the site are by leading pros, so you get an idea of the potential.

Ken created the Parker "Fly" electric guitar which is marketed by Parker Guitar Company Parker Guitars. Ken made a custom guitar for Joanie Mitchell that she uses in live performance. There are a couple of handfuls of Parker's older style archtops and other custom guitars floating around, but I couldn't point you to the recordings. His solidbody electrics have been used by a number of recording artists, which can link to on the Parker Guitars site. He's no longer affiliated with Parker Guitars, but they retain certain rights to use his name and image.

I second the WOW! As an old guitar-picker, I enthusiastically embrace the sound of especially the "Spot", but they all sound superb. They remind me of a Wm. C. Stahl, made in Milwaukee ca. 1930 that I once had (burned up with my house at the time in 1972), and I still miss it. Thanks for the tip on the site, I'm going to order some cd's right away. I no longer play anymore, gave my '75 Gibson J-55 archback to my son, and he gets a lot of good use out of it. Kind of neat, one of his earlier memories is standing up, looking into the sound hole of that Gibson, so he was happy to to take it off my hands.
Hearing these beautiful guitars brings back good memories, a real pleasure. Thanks a lot.
Dan, thanks for the kind thoughts.

I hate hearing guitars burned in houses stories and really feel your pain despite it being 36 years ago. I'm sure it still hurts to think about.

I triple the wow,had a johnny smith.I now have a guild savoy x150 maple,love flamed maple.Cool axe!!