Ken-Audio / Delhan Audio Systems Tube Preamp

I need some help from the Hive Mind. A long time ago (1978? 1979?) when tubes were all the rage for the second time, I bought a tubed pre-amp at Woodland Stereo in Woodland Hills, California to replace my Hadley 621 pre-amp. I still have it, but I know almost nothing about it. I would be interested in knowing who was involved with the project, and anything about the circuit.

The serial number is on a sticker proclaiming "Delhan Audio Systems, Hollywood, CA"; it is identified as a SoundExplorer CR-1000, and the serial number is 780609, which makes me think it was made in 1978.

The tube compliment is 2x Mullard ECC82, and 4x Allegro Sound GS-6072. Allegro Sound are still around in Los Angeles and specialize in old tubes for very expensive professional recording microphones and other gear.

This was a quality item, built like a battleship, and stuffed with the best components money could buy (like the Alps precision volume potentiometer).

Here’s a picture of the pre-amp on a Japanese auction site....

Did Ken Shindo have something to do with this project? Did Delian Audio import this from Japan? Is there an expert out there?

Any help appreciated.
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Ken Audio! Awesome. (I’m of the Ken clan)

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