Kemp Electronics....has anyone try this?

it never ceases to amaze me the idiotic phrasing that companies use to 'explain' their tweaks...and ppl believe them...many folks that buy these products will say 'i don't care about the science, all i know is that it works in my system'...then why do companies even bother to come up with explanations (that are completely bogus from the scientific point of view) if ppl don't care how those things work? they should just say 'buy this! you have too much money and we know you want this gizmo, and you'll make yourself believe that it works'...done. 
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I'm sure you have more important things to worry about than how other people choose to spend their money. 
Aren't you following their example...
using a lot of words and saying absolutely nothing?
Come on now! Do we want Audiogon to be filled with "Flat Earthers" and sea monsters? Let's call BS out when it's as blatant as this. Really, Tachyons? They might as well advertise a phone call with Ming The Merciless who will adjust your system "teleportically".
Whoa! What?! Ming the Merciless? Shut the cave door and back to pigmy country!

Hey, this looks cool from the Kemp store:

dill, yes, that's the company i was referring to...koestner, that was exactly the point of my post...sgordon, i might not say much in my post, but i'm not asking for money clearly failed to see the point of my comments...
Hey, no worries, dude, I’ve been saying the same exact thing for years. Don’t ask, don’t tell, is my motto. You’re just cruising for a bruising if you try to explain anything at all about these weird preposterous thingsmabobs. It just draws a lot of heat. And it’s a turn off. 😳
So what is the point of your comments... can you try again,
for everyone's benefit?
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