Kell showcase or anthem avm50

Trying to get  opinions  on what one would be better with revel f208 speakers  70/ 30 music to home theater  thanks 
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Krell Showcase because of the Class A discrete analog circuits.  It will be smoother than the Anthem, which is usually op amps and switching power supply.  With the aluminum dome tweeters in the Revel F208, you want something smoother that will be more forgiving of those bright tweeters.
Thank you for your response 
I purchased a used Krell Showcase about 10 years ago and it's still going strong. I'm using a Cambridge Audio BD 752 for movies. The Krell doesn't have HDMI but I use the 7.1 analog from the BD player w/excellent results. My amps have balanced outputs and they will give you the best sound from the processor.