Kell Connect vs Bryson BDP-2&BDA-2

Hello all, I'm currently using a Krell Evo 505 player with the matching 202 preamp, and have enjoyed them for a few years now.I like many have figured out it is time to move to the next media and am planning to make the jump to either a krell streamer or a Bryson 2 box streamer and dac.Being a long time Krell guy leans me to the connect,simple 1 box solution...but on app is Apple based.The other option...although double the price still makes me think Bryson.I like the option to add an internal SSD to speed things up not to mention the android app offering and a better warranty.Has anyone done an a/b test or has had the chance to own these?
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what other gear is in your system?  when did you buy the Evo 505 player?

Krell EVO 202 running Nordost CAST to a pair of Krell FPB 750mcx. This current 505 I purchased 2 years ago, and installed a new laser a few weeks ago, it sounds awesome, just wondering if streamers are the way to go sound wise.

this is a setup of my system,