Keith Monks record cleaning machine

I recently acquired used Keith Monks record cleaning machine. It does not come with any cleaning solution. And I have a record cleaning solution for the VPI machine. Can I use VPI record cleaning solution on a Keith Monks record cleaning machine?
Yes you can, you can use what ever you like for solution.
Welcome to the finest vinyl cleaning machine in the world.

VPI fluid contains Iso-propyl alcohol. I'm not sure if the contact area parts are alcohol safe, whether or not the alcohol will deteriorate the parts. I'd suggest using a good alcohol free record cleaning solution like Record Research Labs.

Check the archives, it's well known as the best you can use.
Another vote for the RRL fluids, I've had nothing but good results with them. I've read scary things about the VPI fluids here and on VA so have no desire to try them myself.
I use DiskDoctor solutions with my Loricraft copy of your cleaner, but I about to try the RRLs given all of the buzz.
Tbg, you won't regret making the comparison. I am no way associated with RRL nor am I a dealer, but if you give me an e-mail and I'll send you an ounce or three to try.

I have a Loricraft cleaner and am currently during comparison testing of Record Research and Disc Doctor cleaners. So far the RR is winning: better frequency extremes, more dynamic, haze removed.

I've only tested with two records so more testing is in order, however.