Keith Monks RCM MkII - Help Requested From Owners

Question to KMAL RCM MkII Owners:

In my manual, it shows the Record Cleaning Fluid container (the center one) having TWO (2) tubes leading out of it. One obviously leads to the applicator (actually, the hand pump, from which it leads to the applicator/brush). Where does the other one lead?

Actually, one picture in the Parts List seems to show only one tube coming out of that bottle but it could just be the way the photo is taken.

I just bought one secondhand. I have a second hole in the lid but no second tube and that pair of tubes is not referenced either in the parts list or the manual. I am wondering where the tube leads...

Thanks in advance,
I acquired and older KM RCM recently and it too only has one tube -- but two holes -- flowing from the solution jar. My hand pump no longer works -- the plunger mechanism goes flat and will not release unless I disconnect it -- but with the next plunge it flattens out again. Another thing I've noticed is that the thread wraps around the side of the spout when vacuuming a record -- the manual mentions (and shows in a picture) the thread looping under the nozzle, but what mine does looks different. How does the thread on your machine respond during vacuum mode?
Vtl, I received mine Friday, unpacked it Saturday, started digging in Sunday night. I have not yet turned it on. I will when I get back home tonight and will report back.
Sorry for the delay in getting back. I am not sure how well the thread motor works. If not tight, it tends to wrap itself partway around the nozzle. When I tightened it, it was fine.

The vacuum pump is nice and quiet. The TT is surprisingly fast. I have started with a homebrew solution and it worked reasonably well on the first record tried (the dirtiest one I have) but not perfectly. I will have to experiment.

The one thing I notice is that while I am impressed by the vacuum implementation on this machine (and the Loricrafts) which both reduces noise and produces considerable suction, I am somewhat underwhelmed by the overall process. I expect that this could be done even better quite easily.
"could be done even better quite easily"?
I'm very curious?

I admit to not knowing EXACTLY how it "could be done better quite easily" (because I have not built (or had it built) yet, but I have an inkling of an idea, which I am not ready to share yet. The KMRCM works well, but it is quite 'inelegant' compared to the playback technology, and I remain struck by the "roughness" of the process. I think that part can be improved, with improvements on both automation and customization of the process.

When I get some free time, or a better idea of how to ask someone else to implement it in a cost-effective way, I will have a crack at it. Busy a all get-out right now.