Keith Monks RCM

Does anyone know where to find a user manual for a Keith Monks record cleaning machine? A downloadable version, if available, would be ideal. Thanks.
Hi I might try this first

I have one I could photo copy and mail if you're in the USA. I have Monks Ruby...
Hi Jfrech. Thanks for your reply. I tried Keith Monks directly a while ago and they did not reply. I've sent you an email through A'gon's system. Let me know please if you don't receive it. Thx.

Anyone else have suggestions for locating a user manual that too would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hi I am traveling, I rec'd your note, will send out the photocopy tues am...I'll check my suction, if it does its slight...can u see fluid moving in the tube?

I've found some of the pipe fittings in the jars can plug affecting suction. A paper clip will nudge any debris free and fix suction issues in 5 seconds.

Also, have to rinse the nozzle before u finish using the machine...

What fluids are u using? The monks discovery?