Keith Jarrett Trio, Live stock

I'm a huge Keith Jarrett fan, but this is inspired.
I've often wondered why Keith could not resist making those vocal contributions to his otherwise fine performance on the piano.

Thanks for the humor break.
Keith makes the vocal contributions when he gets into a zone. I know that when he starts sounding like a farm animal, I'm listening to something special :-))

I seem to recall reading somewhere that Jarrett suffers from an almost debilitating stage fright and that the noises were part of his coping mechanism. Something like that -- though I can't remember the source, so don't know if this is just urban myth.
I've never heard that. I only know that in interviews he has talked about trying to tone it down, and he says he just can't play as well. Many, if not most musicians actually sing or hum along--especially those playing electrical instruments. A buddy of mine actually could never figure out why he got hoarse after playing a gig; turns out he was singing his guitar solos.
A "Jarrett" aside...Keith's son Gabriel Jarrett is an amazing jazz drummer. I love a trio he had (they still gig, though rarely) called "Vorcza" and play their one album frequently. Saw 'em live a couple times...just insanely good, smart modern jazz trio...kind of Medeski/Martin/Wood but, IMO, better.