Keith Jarrett Recomendations

I need some help on Keith Jarrett. Like many of the great jazz artists, he has so many releases that it is just overwhelming to pick say three-four to actually spend money on...Any help would be great!
His live boxed set is simply killer. I prefer him playing his own compositions to music written by others. Thankfully, most of his recordings (his name on the cover) were of his own stuff.
Tough question unless you've listened to all of them (I certainly haven't), and even then different people tend to like different aspects of his art. Remember, this is a guy who can go from straight-ahead standards to free jazz. You should sample and decide for yourself.

With that in mind, one way to break down his oeuvre is:
1) solo work
2) the standards trio (w/Peacock & DeJohnette)
3) everything else.

For solo work, the classic is Koln Concert, which you have to hear, even though the piano's out of tune. Many people (including possibly Jarrett himself) think Vienna is his best. It's a bit too heavy-handed for my taste. My favorite is La Scala, but that's partly sentimental--the first time I heard him live he did "Over the Rainbow" as an encore.

For the trio, I think Still Live is the best I've heard. It's standards with an edge. More traditional is Tokyo 96. Inside Out is free. (I've heard them play free live and it's amazing, but it doesn't work for me on record.) I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't have the Live at the Blue Note 6-CD set, but it's widely viewed as great. There's a 1-CD subset, if you want to start with that.

I don't know enough of his other work to comment. Hope this helps.
Follow link below to a list of his works.
(AMG now requires registering which I don't like).

I love Jarrett, probably have at least 25 of his LP's. There is one particular album with Alice Coltrane and Charlie Hayden that is so spectacular, every time I play it someone makes a point of writing down the title.

It's called "Closeness" and was released on A&M in 1976.

This guy is so unbelievable it's difficult to point out a single work.
My favorites are definitely the following:

The Blue Note box set - but you can get the single Saturday performance. Great music

Whisper Not - amazing and more bop than other recordings of his

Incidentally, I'm not big fan of the free stuff and the solo stuff
Live at the Blue Note six-CD is the best for me, with a more intimate sound than other live recordings (due to the smaller place) and a very nice bass sound. The ballads in this record are absolutely outstanding.
Although I like all the standard trio works, my favorites are "Whisper Not" (Live in Paris) and Tokyo 1996.
In the Solo area, "La Scala" is a nice recording as is "The melody at night with you"
I don't like him whem plays in "free" style (Inside Out or Always Let Me Go). Thousgh, enjoy one of the best piano players-improvisers in the jazz world
The Koln Concert is the one for me...
But like everyone said, hard to pin it down. He's a talent, that's for sure. Cheers,
Solo - "The Melody at Night, with you".

Trio - Standards Volume 2.

I'm not really into the group stuff he did on Atlantic with Dewey Redman and Paul Motian.

What do you all think of his work with Miles?
Keith Jarrett is an amazing pianist. For me it was La Scala that got me hooked.
I'm not that familiar with Jarrett's music, but a couple of years ago I picked up the "Sunbear concerts" in very good condition at Goodwill for $10 (1$ @ Lp). Does that hold some kind of record for size? I like the music ok, kinda new agey, but not bad. Any opinions on this release?
Musicbuff, nice find. It's when I hear stories like this that makes my vinyl itch flares up. Unfortunately, I haven't heard the Sunbear Concerts, but I have about 20 or so Jarrett cds that I really like.
If the Piano is really out of tune, why then this album is considered a classic and sells more than any other KJ albums? All I know is that the recording is really very open and the ambience is great. I think this recording has great dynamics even though it is mainly solo piano.

I am not a musician nor I know how to tune any instruments but am I missing something?
The last track of the At The Dear Head Inn  recording is It's Easy to Remember: a strong favourite. It is absolute music, gently delivered to a place of weightlessness that is so free and exquisite. I return to it late at night after long sessions of opera, classical music or taxing music of any genre. Agree with above re: Standards Vol 1 and 2 and Koln concert. Koln is a testament to KJ at his most inspired, yet  It's easy to remember is KJ at his most exquisite. 

start at his beginning in the 60's w/ Charles LLoyd. That is how I built up my KJ catalog. It is always interesting to see and hear where an artist of this caliber makes his debut and moves forward.

Happy Listening!
Excellent suggestions as above. KJ has such a vast catalog, literally, something for everyone. Happy Listening!
J.S. Bach discs from the 1980's are nice as well. So many choices from Classical to Jazz titles.Happy Listening!
I'm a big fan of Standards Volume I and II. Check out "Never Let Me Go". Some great interplay between the bass and piano. Good recording too.
I have many of the trio live recordings and my favorite is the double cd: "Whisper Not," Paris, 1999
The interplay between the three musicians is great to follow.
Both discs are terrific, with a real "flow" to the music, and nicely recorded.