Keith Jarrett &Charlie Haden: Last Dance. Stellar.

This is the second album that came out of a 2007 recording session b/t the two jazz legends, and one-time band mates, held at Jarrett's home recording studio. For my money, this even surpasses Jasmine, as fine as that album is. This is playing so relaxed, so confident, and so joyful, it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It seems like the recording (or rather the mixing), is even better than on Jasmine, but honestly I haven't been able to tear myself away from Last Dance long enough to compare. I'm not sure I have a finer album. Highly recommended.
Stewie, is Keith quiet on this album or still vocalizing?
Not much vocalizing from Keith on the album. However, there is some for sure as you would expect from Keith. Excellent album.
I concur. 2 jazz legends indeed. I have heard a few trax-very well done. Still, I do not know why KJ vocalizes on recordings. It is unlike he is singing or something...
Everest is right: very, very little vocalizing. He's gotten quiet of late.
According to, this will also get a vinyl release in the fall. I love ECMs return to vinyl releases on select classics and certain new releases.
FWIW - KJ not the only jazz pianist who vocalizes during a performance.

Interesting discussion at the link here...
BTW, it's worth noting that lots of musicians vocalize, it's just that jazz pianists (if they're playing acoustic) have mics very close to them, so the mics pick it up. If electric guitarists were mic'd, you'd hear a lot of noise. A lead guitarist in a band I played in years ago used to be hoarse by the end of the night, even though he didn't sing a note.
I'm intrigued. I'll order vinyl for sure from ECM.
I will certainly support their great effort and great music on vinyl.