Keith Jarrett

I picked up the "Set one" cd of this 6 cd set and was blown away. I was so impressed I went ahead and bought the 6 cd box set. I love the "At the Dear Head Inn", but I think this is better. Can anyone chime in and comment on this set, and if there are other albums just as good or better.
The recording quality is as good as I've heard. Are all of Keiths recording this good?
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I put "At The Blue Note" in the title but it didn't show up. That's the box set I'm referring to.
Live At The BlueNote on ECM is my favorite Keith Jarrett cds (box). It is one of the best sounding live recordings in my colloction.However, it is the music that keeps me going back to thiese discs time and time again.
Some standouts to check out.
Disc 3 Autumn Leaves and You Don't Know What Love Is
Disc 4 I Fall in Love to Easily/The Fire Within(a personal fave)
Disc 5 On Green Dolphin Street
Disc 6 Desert Sun
I think I am going to put it on now....

If you have a turntable, check out his "Standards" string of releases playing with Jack DeJohnette on drums and Gary Peacock on bass. All the releases features very tasty playing and are well recorded. I was pleasantly surprised how excellent their work on all these jazz standards were after being familiar with only his early solo and "progressive" works. In short, an overlooked and underappreciated group in this classic jazz configuration. They're worth your attention. (My favorite is their live recording record.)
Check out some of the earlier recordings with the "European Quartet", in particular "personal mountains" and "my song". Mostly original compositions that I prefer of the "standards" recorded with the "American Trio".
Live at the Blue Note is astonishing in every way. I tend to prefer the trio on the slower tempo songs--My Romance, In the Wee Small Hours, Skylark, etc... Skylark in particular is the KJ at his very best. Anyway, I can't think of a 6 cd set with as many superb songs.

As for the recording quality, you may know that KJ teamed up early on with ECM and Manfred Eicher, and it's a match made in heaven. The flavor of individual recordings can differ slightly, but they're all full and rich. I would also highly recommend the KJ Trio Live DVDs--three of them to date, dating from the 80s and 90s.
There are several that I love, in addition to the Blue Note. I don't have them here at work, but The Out of Towners and Whisper Not are two that come to mind. You're in for a treat, because there are a lot that are great. Be sure to see him live in a good venue too.
What timing...

I have Pandora Radio streaming into my office. I heard something I really liked (type of music + quality) got up to see who...Keith Jarrett, Live at the Blue Note.

This is one of the things I love about radio. I will be buying the CD soon.
I'll second JFZ's recs., and add: Standards in Norway, Tribute, Still Live, My Foolish Heart. Then too there's Jasmine, which is Jarrett and Charlie Haden, recorded in KJ's home studio.
I like KJ Trio's 'Standards I/II/Live' & 'Tribute' albums, European Quartet's 'Belonging' & 'My Song' albums. 'Live At The BlueNote' is awesome too.
However, my favorite KJ albums are solo albums recorded in 1970s. Try 'The Köln Concert', 'Solo Concerts: Bremen/Lausanne', 'Vienna Concert', & 'Sun Bear Concerts'.
"Bye Bye Blackbird","Your The Night And The Music" are great.Really anything by him,Peackcock and Djohnette is like a well oiled machine since they have ben working together so long.Them and any pianist lucky enough to get George Mraz and Lwewis Nash to back them up.New Jarret 2 CD has the late great Paul Motian and the always superb Eddie Gomez.Looks like too many 0riginals (unlike many I don't go fro the "Koln and Sun Bear stuff to noodly and pretentious IMHO).Of course you never know if in a live one Jarrett will screw it up with that damn humming but I am going to give it a listen.Fans don't overlook his early great LP 'like "No Exit on short lived Vortex label and "Now He Sings Now He Sobs" from late 60's.Wish the group didn't ask for Barbara Streisand ticket prices but hey they are entitled like Babs right?