Kef XQ5 Speaker Upgrade?


I recently upgraded my amplifier to a McIntosh MC-7205 and I've got the itch to upgrade my speakers.

Current setup:
Kef XQ5 main speakers
Integra Research RDC-7 pre-amp
McIntosh MC-7205 amplifier (120/200 wpc @ 8/4 ohms)

I'm looking to upgrade to something in the $1500-$2500 price range, with the following models in mind. Please provide your thoughts on how these would stack up to my Kef's and if it's worth the extra cash for the upgrade. Granted, I really like my Kef's, but I feel they're lacking in the bottom end and would like a more full-range speaker designed for two channel listening. I think I could get around $1000-$1200 for my Kef's.

Looking at:
-B&W Matrix 802 Series 3 (~$1800) (not as clear as Kef's?)
-B&W Nautilus 803 (~$2600) (at limit of budget)
-B&W Nautilus 804 (~$2100) (similar size/design to Kef's)
-Thiel CS-2.3 (~$1600) (good reviews, can get a good deal on a local pair. MC-7205 powerful enough?)

Have you considered Dynaudio Contour 3.4's? They are in the same price range (used) as the Nautilus and have excellent bottom end, with great depth and transparency. The Excite 36's have exceptional bottom end and you can pickup a new pair for >$2500. You also might consider Focal Electra's (not the BE, they're a little out of budget). I own Dyn's for my hometheater and the 82's sound just as full in stereo as they do in 2.1 mode (the 82's are similar in specs as the Excite 36). I have heard most of the speakers on your list along with the X-5 and they are all fantastic speakers.

I have a 7.1 system with Cambridge audio Azur 640R, Dyn 82 front, 52 sides and 122c with an Earthquake supernova sub.
Thanks for the tips. I ended up buying a local pair of Thiel 2.3's with upgraded tweeter/midrange and crossovers. Quite a big improvement over my Kef XQ5's, definitely more low-end power.