Hi guys,

How would you pick between KEF XQ5 and PMC OB1? Which one sounds better? Uni-Q of Kef vs. Tranmission Line of PMC.

What is the main differences between them?

Feel free to leave your opinion.

This is the way to go! The Uni-Q way. The mid/woofer and tweeter is phase-aligned and provides a sound-stage second to none! I use a old C55 set from 1988 and I have never felt the urge to upgrade- even sold my QUAD ESL 57's...

Dewald Visser
My interpretation of PMC's OB1:
Accurate, neutral and scary realism when setup and calibrated properly. So accurate and real you may not like some of your favorite cd's after auditioning them with the PMC's! They can be real tattle-tails with mediocre recordings and shine like diamonds with great recordings.