kef xq series

does anyone have any experience with the new kef xq series ? i started a search for a new set of floorstanders about 4 months ago and have listened to a bunch including paradigm monitor and studio series, b&w klipsch psb image and imagine and a few others. i started the search after buying a set of satelites and sub to replace an old set of speakers. even though they sound great i feel like im missing something. i have talked to jim salk from salk speakers who was great and very imformative but im reluctant to buy without hearing as i just did that and i wasnt satisfied.the room is 12x18 power is yamaha rxv 2700 and will be mostly used for 2 channel and small amount for movies. im trying to stay at 3500 or so for budget and want to go with new . i have read so many reviews and after awhile dont know what to believe anymore
Hi jg123 i have a pair xq20 and xq50 for center iam very happy with it sound great
Anybody know if the XQ50 only comes as a center channel, ie XQ50C? Is there such a thing as just an XQ50 (without the "C")?