KEF woofer in Snell E II

Hi all. I just picked up a pair of Snell E II speakers. The woofers didn't look right at the time, but the sound was so good I took them home. Upon closer inspection, I found they had KEF SP1259 woofers installed. These most likely would have come out of the KEF C65 model speakers. QUESTION: These are 4 ohm woofers, like the Snell woofer. They sound absolutely amazing. In fact, better than my Snell C IV's. Does anyone know anything about these woofers and their matching up with the E II's? Driving these with Emotiva XPA-2, Audible Illusions Modulus 3A, and using an ERC-2 cd player and Music Hall 7.1 with Ortofon 2M Black cartridge for listening. The sound is so clear and the soundstage is off the charts. Anyone's thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.
Hi there, I am looking to replace woofers in my Snell E II's as the originals were replaced with some no name aftermarket speakers. Have you found any addidional info on how these match to the original drivers?

Thanks, Tom