KEF Speakers

Hey forum I have a kef related question first time posting so bare with me

I recently while looking to buy some speakers for a friend found a pair of Kef speakers, but the trouble is I am having difficulty identifying the exact model of these speakers and if i am getting a good deal or not. the drivers as far as i can tell are the same as the KEF Concerto, But the cabinet is not the same. any ideas?
Howmuch are they? I'm not familiar with "concertos" but I googled them and they look fairly old? Anyhow, depending on price, there are alot of good speakers used, here on the gon for a couple hundred bucks that you can find reviews on. I have a kef qx5's and like them quite a bit, but, like I said, there are alot of good inexpensive monitors out there!
Around $300, I think they may be a KEFKIT 3 but I'm not sure. I have know idea what they are worth tho.
Again, i'm not familiar with those but at $300, I wouldn't do it. They look super old and ugly. What made you interested in them? Not trying to sound mean, by the way :-)
If you don't want to buy off audiogon, what city do you live in and I'll check out your local craigslist.
I saw a pair of nht absolute zero's for $300 here on audiogon. Those would be decent. I'm sure there are some nice speakers you can get for $300. What kind of music do you like? What kind of amp? How big is the room? Would you rather have loud or quality? Is bass important?
You probably don't want ancient Kefs or B&Ws as they would be their early/first offerings. The examples they themselves learned from.
Im really into "vintage speakers" I love the big chunky wooden boxes/the way they sound, I have a pair of klipsch heresy 1s that I love. oh and im from Tasmania- Australia. quite limited on whats around.
Have you tried perusing the KEF Museum? That is a good resource for vintage KEF speakers. Also I've contacted Corey Medley at KEF USA and he has been helpful too. Maybe you can reach out them via website inquiry and they will get back to you. When I needed info for various older KEF speakers Corey was great to work with.
The Heresy's are by no means early offerings by Klipsch. Those are great speakers. I'm a vintage lover myself and love adventure. Just be careful not to spend too much just because it's in great shape. I don't know about you but if it's not a stellar performer, I don't want it no matter what shape it's in. One you simply can't go wrong with is JBL. Vintage or not, they've always been great performers. Klipsch also for that matter. Coral, Yamaha, Pioneer to name a few more. The earliest B&W I would venture would be the DM6, their flagship just before the 801. I've seen them in great shape selling for around $400. I'm not familiar with early Kefs except to say I own a pair of 105 series 2. I believe they were the first computer-aided construction. I bought them new in '79 and loved them for many years however if I had to do it again I would have hunted down a first series pair instead as they were simply better.
Another great vintage speaker are the Infinity's fwiw.
Thanks guys:) all great info. I ended up buying them, not only was the condition great but they sound great too so I am happy, they compare quite well to my heresys. But I would still like to know more so if anyone learns anything let me know :) thanks
Glad to hear you like 'em! Happy listening :-)