Kef/Revel bookshelf choice with amp selection help needed please


I’m rebuilding a basement and putting in a home theater area but it’s not a dedicated area. I estimate the main listening position will be between 12.6’ and 14’ while the room is 17’ x 15’.

Through my research I’ve narrowed my bookshelf front L/R choices down to the Kef LS50 compared to Revel M105 or R300 compared to the Revel M106 for L/R fronts. Unfortunately, there are no Kef dealers/resellers in the KC metro (there are 2 Revel dealers so I will check them out this coming week) so I’m looking to the AG community to help me further. I have read that the R300’s might be better for heavy/classic rock than the LS50’s although I’ve come to understand that the LS50’s are stellar for music for the price. I did get to listen to the Revel Concerta2 M16’s last weekend and they sounded pretty dang good for $900/pair.

I picked up a Marantz AV8802 pre/pro here but still looking for a good 3/5/7 channel amp to start the H/T setup.

Amps I’m considering:
Marantz MM7055
Parasound A51/A52 or A31/A23 for L/C/R then a couple Outlaw monoblocks for rears
Outlaw 5000 or 7140
Is balanced the way to go vs unbalanced?

budget - looking $3000 total for L/R's and amp but could extend that a little

No WAF considerations as she is looking to me for the direction as she knows this research has consumed me as of late.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

balanced, yes

top 2 amp choices are good

put the $$$ into double drywall panels with dampening treatments in between and all the other good stuff - hard to tear it apart to upgrade later but trivial to sell an amp and replace years later
I like my KEF LS50 over my previous Revel Salon1 on the higher frequencies (bass was phenomenal on the Salon). So I would choose the KEF over Revel.

I am using a Parasound A23 that I got from eBay for $500 with my KEF LS50 and it WAS a very good match for the price. After about 4 years now this amp is failing on one channel so it is going to be replaced by the Benchmark AHB2 amp. I would recommend the Parasound amps with the KEF LS50 for a relatively low cost solution for very good sound. In fact, KEF use to demo the LS50’s in the USA with the A23. I think they wanted to show that you could get great sound without breaking the bank.

Another option is the ACTIVE KEF LS50. Reviews of this new speaker should be coming out now.

Just read this review and I am now seriously questioning whether to go with the Benchmark amp (for my Benchmark DAC2) or just sell my passive LS50 and get the active version. This is for my office and I like the idea of less components.
***KEF Dealer disclaimer***

The LS50 and R300 would likely b great choices for you!  The LS50's are just crazy good for the money that the cost.  R300's will give you a bit more bottom end, and of course are 3 ways (versus the 2 way LS50).  Mids in the R300 is a tad different as well.

I really like both quit a bit, but sell a WHOLE lot more of the LS50's.

And the new LS50 Wireless are really, really great!  I've already received quite a few pairs and they are fun speakers.
Goldprint, thanks very much for the information.  I'm intrigued on the LS50 Wireless model.  But, wouldn't that be a great choice for a 2 channel music listening approach as opposed to a multi channel home theater setup?

And where are you located as I do not have a Kef dealer nearby to listen to both speakers to compare them?

Yes, for your setup, the "standard" LS50 would be the correct option.