Kef Reference Three vs. Von Schweikert 5HSE?

Does anyone have experience with both these speakers? I have experience with the KEFs, but have not heard the VS 5HSE. The Threes are circa 1995, the VS from 2003. Impressions of the
VS 5HSE alone would also be appreicated. Thanks.
I have been a happy owner of VS VR5 HSE's for some 4 years. The highest praise I can give them is that I don't think about or pay attention to them much; I listen to music. I mean this as high praise, but they don't do anything wrong. Not colored or overly warm, no fake transparency with excessive high end. Not too forward; not too laid back. Basically, what you put through them is what comes out, assuming you have a high quality source and electronics. Vocals are eerily natural; base is taut, tuneful and deep; highs are extended but not "tizzy". Very easy to live with, and beautifully made as well. I have been involved in this audiophile mania for over 30 years and have heard and owned many speakers. These are keepers.

Have not heard KEF's so cannot compare.